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Comforting But Deadly; Compulsive Overeating

Reid W., Mackenzie C., Bruce C.

This page was last modified on; February 26, 2010

Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion


Imagine you had a rough day at school. Maybe you got yelled at for forgetting your homework, or you failed a quiz. What do you do when you get home? Maybe you take a hot shower, read a book, or watch some T.V. But for people suffering from compulsive overeating, they would eat the day away. Compulsive overeating is a disorder where people who have it, eat to hide their emotions. It is sort of like a comfort item for them, and they just can’t stop eating. It is hard to stop compulsive overeating, but it is possible. These steps will help (or teach) you or another person to overcome compulsive overeating. How can you overcome, or help others overcome compulsive overeating?


Hello citizens of Virginia Beach. We have just returned from a top-secret meeting and we have an important announcement. Do you know someone who has “survived” compulsive overeating? Do you have it? Well we can design something to help you. We have a layout for a newspaper article titled: Compulsive Overeating- Fight Back! And you can design it. It will include stories of people who have compulsive overeating and some tips about the disease. It will also include facts about compulsive overeating and how to stop. There will also be information about local support groups. But remember, if you do not have compulsive overeating it may seem easy to quit, but for many people it is a fight for life.


1. Everyone will be given the layout for the newspaper article.

2. On your own, you will research all of the information that needs to be in the article. There is a layout but you should be creative and unique.

3. For your research go to these websites to learn more about compulsive overeating and read some people’s experiences.

4. If you are a compulsive overeater you should include some of your own experiences.

4b. Also, if you know a previous compulsive overeater include some tips on how to stop compulsive overeating.

5. Now write your article. Include all of your research and some of your own opinions. You may also want to include information about local support groups.

6. Once you have created the article go back and answer these questions:

Is your article useful to compulsive overeaters?

Does it grab your attention when you look at it/

Does it include necessary information?

7. After completing this article you should know the following information:

Why do people become compulsive overeaters?

Should compulsive overeaters seek medical help?

8. Now laminate your article (optional) and continue on to evaluate your work.


Here are some good sites for you to research.

Stories from compulsive overeaters

Info about compulsive overeating

More information about compulsive overeating

Overeaters Anonymous

  1 2 3 4 Score
Content Bad use of info, irrelevant, no detail Ok use of info, irrelevant, some detail

Good use of info, semi-relevant, detailed

Great use of info, relevant, detailed  
Creativity Boring, ugly, no opinions Some-what interesting, not very attractive, no opinions Grabber, kind of interesting, few opinions, few colors Grabber, interesting, colors, opinions  
Organization Not organized in a logical order at all Not organized in a very logical order Organized in a semi logical order Organized in a logical order  
Grammar Spelling and grammar are incorrect, many other mistakes Spelling and grammar have few mistakes, many other mistakes Spelling and grammar are correct, few mistakes Spelling are correct, few mistakes  



Now you've finished everythng. The final product- a newspaper article that is specifically for people with compulsive overeating that gives them advice from others and information about compulsive overeating. But why stop now? You made the article and now you can go on and help more people with compulsive overeating. This is just the beginning so go on and help more people.


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