Midnight Murder

by Julia Inglesby and Jessica Bimstein

Officer Mark Collins was called to Times Square shortly after midnight on New Year's Eve. He drove quickly, the sirens on top of his police car wailing. As he pulled into Times Square, the flashing blue and red lights illuminated the caution tape surrounding the crime scene. A circle of police stood around the yellow tape, examining something on the ground. Officer Collins parked the car at the curb and walked toward the others, pausing next to his partner, Officer Jones.

"Well," Collins asked quietly, "What happened?"

"Murder." Jones replied, her face grim. "Poison, most likely." Collins nodded his head slowly, then looked at the scene inside the tape. A teenage girl, maybe 16 or so, lay flat on her back, her eyes fixed on the night sky above. He stared at her for a long time, his face hidden in the darkness.

"Who is it?" he said finally, his head still turned toward the dead girl.

"Anya Romanov. She was the heir to the entire fortune of her father, who dominated the oil industry. She was only fifteen." Jones sighed and shook her head.

Officer Collins turned around. "I am going to document the crime scene. Do you have the camera?" Officer Jones pulled a digital camera out of her bag and handed it to Collins. He took it silently, leaning over the tape to take a picture of the ground around the body. The camera clicked, and a blinding flash shattered the night. The investigation had begun.


Anya Romanov

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